17th Annual Virtual DVCEE Student Leadership Institute

All of the Lights
Welcome and thank you for attending the 17th Annual Virtual DVCEE Virtual Student Leadership Institute hosted by CoolSpeak. 

The DVCEE Virtual Leadership Institute offers students a chance to virtually network with other students from other school districts to support possible future collaboration and to engage in activities that will foster personal leadership development.


Welcome & Get Ready!

Hosted By: Carlos Ojeda Jr.
Carlos Ojeda Jr. | CoolSpeak
Keynote: Zach Gowen
Zach Gowen lost his dad at a young age; lost his leg to cancer at 8 years old; and almost lost his life to drugs in his 20s. Yet through it all, he dared to defy the odds when he became a WWE Superstar.

Workshop 1

“How to Build Your Brand and NOT Mess it Up on Social Media”

Facilitator: Stephanie Humphrey
In this workshop, students will be coached on how to determine their personal brand and have the opportunity to develop and present an elevator pitch. They will gain an understanding of how their digital footprint can affect that brand, and the potential consequences to maintaining a negative digital footprint. Students will also get content strategy direction and see examples of positive brand management online.

Workshop 2

“I’m Built for This!”

Facilitator: Chris Collins
I’ve got good news and bad news. Bad news first- Life can be hard, you have to deal with so many challenges and distractions that can rob you of your potential. But there’s good news…YOU’RE BUILT FOR THIS!! Find out how to tap into the skills and knowledge you need to overcome the challenges life throws at you.

Dance Party Break

“Lunch Time Performance”

Featuring: Jason Lewis “Humble”
During this lunch performance, go grab something to eat, sit back, relax and enjoy some bars by Jason Lewis “Humble”

Workshop 3

“Accepting What Is”

Facilitator: Rev. Erika Allison
How do we deal with people and situations we don’t like but can’t change? Some strategies just create more harm and stress within our bodies and our nervous systems. We can learn healthy ways to cope with challenging situations and people so we are free to show up unshakably in our authenticity and our power. In this workshop, we’ll explore what the brain scientists, therapists and even the spiritual gurus say about acceptance, and why it matters. You’ll learn the acceptance-first mindset to deal with challenging people or situations so you can more accept the things you cannot change with peace and change the things you can with power.

Workshop 4

“Strength in Numbers”

Facilitator: Tim Stafford
Alliances, Allyship and the Buy-In.

We are creatures of habit. We go with the flow and do our best to not rock the boat. When we do that, we often leave others behind. Change, for better or worse, can be an uncomfortable experience. How can we change our habits and ways of thinking so that success is available to everyone in our school community? In this workshop we will talk about ways to bring folks together, uplift those who have been left behind, and how to make our schools bigger, better, and stronger.

District Regroup

“District Regroup”

Facilitators: District Staff
During this session, District Staff will help facilitate a discussion with their students to go over their key take aways from today’s conference.

Closing Session

Closing Session

Host: Carlos Ojeda Jr.
  • Recap
  • Closing Remarks
  • Survey
  • Student Prizes

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