Gabriella Maldonado, Ed. S.

“Both students and teachers were moved by your presentations because you touched their hearts. Most importantly, many teachers felt a change in energy (positive) as soon as they walked into the auditorium.”

Valeria Solorzano

“Ernesto, I wish I could tell you more about how influential your speech was to me. Keep doing what you do, it’s truly amazing.”

Joselyn Flores

“Ernesto inspired me to give my best and be my best to make a better me but to make my parents proud.”


“I definitely enjoyed the presentation from Ernesto! It gave me a different perspective on what I can use to push me as a person not only in my education but overall in my life. He was an awesome speaker.”


“I absolutely loved his presentation because it hit home. He’s the type of guy that he can really connect with you because of what he’s been through it, and I like the way he includes his audience. Overall I would recommend him to anybody because he can really...
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