Graciela Fonseca

Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing your story. Your caring heart and kindness was so refreshing. We need your kind of courage to educate our own. I am sure you will go on to greater things and I can’t wait for your book.

Linda Yareli Ramirez

This woman, Lilyan Prado inspired me to follow my dreams no matter how hard it seems. It was great to attend AT&T and learn more about their program.

Jeanette Orozco

I wanted to say thank you for sharing your story this weekend at HYS. You are such a strong person with great potential. Before this weekend I thought I came from nothing but now I know I come from a life of obstacles & barriers. This is something I will keep in...

Kevin Roden

You were fantastic and inspirational tonight at the LULAC Banquet. I teared up on several occasions while you told your story. Such a powerful message about the human spirit and the power of education to move us forward!
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