17th Annual Virtual DVCEE Student Leadership Institute

Beyond The Storm
Welcome and thank you for attending the 17th Annual Virtual DVCEE Virtual Student Leadership Institute hosted by CoolSpeak. 

The DVCEE Virtual Leadership Institute offers students a chance to virtually network with other students from other school districts to support possible future collaboration and to engage in activities that will foster personal leadership development.


Welcome & Get Ready!

Hosted By: Carlos Ojeda Jr.
Carlos Ojeda Jr. | CoolSpeak
Keynote: Chris Collins
Chris Collins is a speaker, author, and consultant with a message that is inspiring students across the country. His unique blend of humor, knowledge, and energy provides high-impact moments with results that last long after the presentation. Chris has delivered talks to all types of crowds, including two of the largest High School districts in the country, national conferences, Fortune 500 companies, and colleges and universities of every shape, size, and hue.

Workshop 1

“I Don’t Wake Up Like This”

Facilitator: Zach Gowen
How to Connect Mind and Body to Be the Best Student You Can Be. In these uncertain times, it’s critical to be diligent with our self-care! In this session, we will engage in proven breathing techniques, stretches, and muscle engagement movements that will improve brain function, decrease stress, and increase overall feeling of well- being. The application of these tools in conjunction of cultivating a grateful mindset will allow you to be the best student you can be!

Workshop 2

“Writing the Light Beyond the Storm”

Facilitator: Joaquin Zihuatanejo
With so many challenges facing us today, it can sometimes be easy to be overwhelmed by the darkness of the storm. In this interactive workshop, award-winning poet and teacher, Joaquín Zihuatanejo, will guide young writers through a quick-write activity that will focus on self-reflection and the extraordinary qualities that make you, you.

Lunch Break Performance

“Lunch Time Live Performance”

Featuring: Joe Scorsone from Flintface
During this lunch performance, go grab something to eat, sit back, relax and enjoy some tunes by Joe Scorsone from Flintface

Workshop 3

“No Mo FOPO”

Facilitator: Jason Lewis “Humble”
The Importance of Leaders Being Individuals.

Workshop 4

“Rejecting The Deficit Model”

Facilitator: Lilyan Prado-Carrillo
It’s easy to fall into a view of yourself, that is less than who you actually are. In this workshop, you will learn what the deficit model is and how we use that to self-sabotage our own growth, our opportunities, and our progress. Measuring growth is a good thing, but not when our focus is that we haven’t reached the goal yet. Learn what you can do as a middle school student to reject the deficit model and grow a growth mindset.

Closing Session

Keynote & Closing Session

Keynote: Carlos Ojeda Jr.
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