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College Planning & Finance

The College Planning & Finance Program is designed to support a student’s transition from high school to college.

When it comes to financing a college education, tuition fees can become scarier by the minute. If we do not take advantage of FAFSA, Scholarships, and grants we may end up denying a quality education to our children for lack of funding to pay for their educational dreams to come true.

This workshop teaches parents how to start early with a 529 Savings Account, how to apply for financial aid, and a wealth of other creative options such a scholarship for making a prom dress out of duct tape.

This CoolSpeak session can help parent better understand that actual cost of a college education as well as the additional money they may have to pay if their students do not graduate in a timely manner.

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Program Formats

College Planning & Finance will help parents:

  • Understand the complex financial journey.

  • Provide a timeline of required financial activities.

  • Review FAFSA Application process.

  • Total Cost of College vs Net Calculator.

  • Compare Scholarships, Grants & Loans.

  • Explore Scholarship Opportunities.

Let’s Talk About Program Format Options:

  • Summer camp (1-3 days) non-residential

  • Workshop

  • Full-day or half-day conference.

  • Multi-day conference.

  • Student program to accompany parent program

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