CoolTrips by CoolSpeak
CoolTrips by CoolSpeak

What are CoolTrips?

College campus visits and educational trips have always been essential to preparing for college. They are usually the moment students make the all-important decision. But post – COVID, things are different. The needs of students have changed.

Our students deserve more than the same tired bus trip. Partnering with CETours, one of the leaders in educational group travel experiences, CoolSpeak has designed visits and trips that are inspiring, engaging, and transformative. Transforming bus trips into unforgettable CoolTrips that empower students to embrace their educational journeys.


Students participate in multiple team-building and energizing activities. These activities will take students from emotional highs to emotional lows as they dig deep and analyze their internal motivation for educational success. While many activities will have students laughing or getting caught up in a game, every activity has a deeper purpose students will be encouraged to discuss.

Travel Journaling

Students are provided with a journal that contains thought-provoking questions, prompts, and activities designed to get students thinking about the trip and the experiences. It also gives them a place to take notes or just decompress after an emotionally-charged activity. After the trip, students’ journals will serve as a point of reference and reminder of the information gained and self-discoveries made during the trip.


While many of the games and activities are done in whole group sessions, students are regularly split into smaller Crews led by a CoolTrips Guide. These Crews bring a more intense focus to the lessons. In the smaller groups, students will be led in discussions related to the activities and lessons presented during the program. The size of the groups will make it easier and more comfortable for students to speak freely.

CoolTrips Guides

All CoolTrips Guides believe in the lessons being taught and put them into practice in their own lives. The Guides are not there to simply tell students what to do. They actively participate in discussions, complete all of the activities and serve as both examples and mentors to the students during their trips.

Surprise Experiences

Throughout the trip, there will be surprise experiences for the students. From speakers to behind-the-scenes opportunities that will impact them in relevant and meaningful ways. Customize for each trip to maximize the impact of the experience.

We are currently in Beta and will be launching in 2023. For more information, reach out to us at
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