Family Engagement Conference


2021 San Antonio Title I Family Engagement Conference

The theme of this conference is Title 1 Family Engagement which is designed with you in mind. We want you to leave this conference motivated and inspired. This conference will provide you with amazing motivational speakers from CoolSpeak who come from diverse backgrounds and will share their stories. They will provide you with great strategies and tools to help you continue to prosper. We will provide you leadership opportunities, enable civic engagement, create healthy communities, and establish ongoing networks of support and opportunities for educational success and future endeavors.


Friday, November 05, 2021

Choosing Love Over Fear

with Juan Cangas
As parents there are so many battles, we want our children to avoid (negative peers, drugs, teenage pregnancy, getting in trouble) that we forget to fight the biggest battle. That battle is the mental dance between our greatest fear and deepest dreams we have for our children. What we focus on (fears or dreams) during challenging times will determine if we win the battle. All of us parents have had moments we’ve negatively REACTED out of fear to something our child did, and it hurts the relationship. What if instead of reacting out of fear you found a way to consistently RESPOND out of love? During this presentation parents will become more self-aware of how they react to negative events and make a conscious choice to respond in a more empowering way, so they can raise a respectable adult who succeeds.

Workshop 1

Friday, November 05, 2021

Connecting The Dots

with Natasha Carrizosa
We lose the essence of who we are when we rely on other influences to shape us. These influences can be life experiences, the past, labels, images on social media, and beyond. Who am I? What is my purpose? Why does it matter? We have more in common with our children than we know. As a parents and educators, we are their biggest influencers. We have the power to help and heal – them and us. We can write and create our own narratives by connecting the dots.

Workshop 2

Friday, November 05, 2021

Life Is Not Measured, It’s Lived!

with Carlos Ojeda Jr.
We are all busy. Parents and kids alike. How do we slow down long enough to catch our breaths, let alone create moments that bring our family closer and spark memories that endure and make us stronger? In this session we will explore how parents can plan and prepare family activities that can bring your family together to laugh, have fun and create unforgettable moments.


Friday, November 05, 2021

Reflecting On Today

with Carlos Ojeda Jr.
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Friday, November 05, 2021

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