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Virtual Leadership Conference
Welcome and thank you for attending the  JUNTOS Discovering Your Cultural Strengths CAMP Virtual Leadership Conference hosted by CoolSpeak.

This will be an opportunity for our CAMP Scholars from across the Northwest Region to meet, support, encourage and get to know one another during these trying times. Utilizing a mix of virtual platforms including YouTube and Zoom, we will come together for an unforgettable, empowering, and enlightening experience that will prepare our CAMP scholars to excel on our campuses and in our communities.

Day 2

Welcome & Day 1 Recap

Saturday, February 5, 2021

Welcome Back!

Hosted By: Ernesto Mejia
The opening session will look back at Day 1 and review what we learned while preparing everyone for an amazing day 2. Get ready for more dynamic speakers, workshop and activities.

Workshop 2

Saturday, February 5, 2021

“Choose To Assume The Good In People”

Facilitator: Lilyan Prado-Carrillo
You know what they say about people who assume? Let’s change that!!! What would it mean to your home, your workplace, your circle of friends, your class… If people leaned to “Assume the good in others”?

We all have heard how much attitude plays into our daily life. And many of us think we have a great on, that is… until something happens that negatively affect us. We Immediately think what’s happened is other peoples’ fault and not our own! It’s our nature to jump to conclusions and assume that others are just out to get us! What if we actively decide that is not the case?

Workshop 3

Saturday, February 5, 2022

“F___It!: How To Throw Up Your Hands In Celebration Instead of Frustration”

Facilitator: Chris Collins
Whether you know it or not, you’re kind of a big deal!! The work you do impacts lives in a special way. However, your path comes with unique challenges (staffing, funding, burnout, apathy) that may strain your resolve and hinder your ability to succeed. Let’s spend some time learning how to see those challenges and say “F____ it!” We’ll discuss practical tools to empower you to continue to do extraordinary things for the students you serve and for yourself.


“Virtual Dance Party”

Featuring: DJ Eko
During these virtual dance party breaks, and yes we expect some dancing to take place, dancers with the best moves will win a prize or two for showing off their moves. Finding a dance partner will earn you some bonus points too!


Saturday, February 5, 2022

“My Father’s Daughter”

Presenter: Lilyan Prado-Carrillo
Lilyan shares her personal story of overcoming many obstacles as a child, and using education as the vehicle to accomplishing a fulfilling life. As an undocumented child, working since a young age, overcoming abandonment, and being surrounded by alcoholism, Lilyan’s story is one that connects with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Personal anecdotes take the audience on a roller coaster of emotions, told from the perspective of a 5-year-old scared child, to an 8-year-old daughter enamored with her dad to an angry teenager, to a first generation High School and College graduate, educator, and national speaker. Lilyan humbly shares her personal history in a transparent, humorous, and bold way, empowering all that listen.

Workshop 4

Saturday, February 5, 2022

“I Don’t Wake Up Like This: How to Be the Best Us so We Can Serve Them”

Facilitator: Zach Gowen
New challenges means new opportunities! How will we adapt in a rapidly changing world to best serve our students and meet their needs? In this self-care session, we’ll engage in proven breathing techniques, body movements, and utilize gratitude developing tools that will allow us to improve brain function, decrease stress, and increase overall well-being. Quite simply, we’re going to fill our cups so that we can pour more effectively into the scholars we serve!

Closing Session

Closing Session

Hosted By: Ernesto Mejia
Join us during the closing session as we celebrate the end of day two.

  • Recap of the Day
  • Day 2 Prize Drawing.
  • Closing Remarks.

Tell Us How We Did

Saturday, February 5, 2022

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