STEM Program for Parents

Many times our children are not familiar with the wide array of careers available in STEM even when they’ve been working with STEM related tasks at home for many years. STEM careers are in high demand and in a time where we are looking for manners to spend more time with our children STEM can help address that.

This session teaches parents the importance of STEM, how to conduct some basic STEM experiments at home, and improve the overall knowledge of STEM related options in life.

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Program Formats

STEM will help parents:

  • Learn importance of STEM Program.

  • Explore STEM Careers.

  • Learn basic STEM experiments.

  • Learn how to help our kids with STEM classes.

Let’s Talk About Program Format Options:

  • Summer camp (1-3 days) non-residential

  • Workshop

  • Full-day or half-day conference.

  • Multi-day conference.

  • Student program to accompany parent program

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