The Fundamentals

Writing Fundamentals for Parents

What if we could improve how we communicate with our children via handwritten letters? What if we could help our students find a love for writing because we too discover a new love for writing? Sometimes supporting our young writers can become challenging because ourselves cannot remember all of the writing rules, grammar, and sentence structure.

This session allows parents to rediscover a love for writing while learning some basic writing techniques that can help improve our young writers’ abilities and love for expressing themselves. This workshop allows us to learn more about ourselves as well as our children.

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Program Formats

Writing Fundamentals will help parents:

  • Improve written communication.

  • Find a love for writing.

  • Learn basic writing techniques.

  • Discover ways to express yourself.

Let’s Talk About Program Format Options:

  • Summer camp (1-3 days) non-residential

  • Workshop

  • Full-day or half-day conference.

  • Multi-day conference.

  • Student program to accompany parent program

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