Brain Stem

BRAIN STEM (Brilliance, Resilience and Achievement In STEM) is designed to develop a student’s ability to persevere through challenges and realize the wide array of academic, and professional opportunities in STEM.

BRAIN STEM fosters team-oriented collaboration to work on academically enriching, motivating, and engaging tasks.

Features a tour of dynamic youth motivational speakers, inspiring books, and a customizable program designed to cultivate the power that lies within all students.

STEM Program will help students

  • Collaborate as a team to complete a multi-faceted STEM project
  • Navigate through a myriad of innate STEM related problems
  • Gain background scientific content knowledge and analytical skills for future related STEM classes, tasks, and competitions
  • Identify obstacles and challenges in their lives
  • Scholarships, Grants & Loans
  • Formulate a written plan to accomplish future identified goals and a community/global STEM initiative. Within this plan, students will identify their brilliance, resilience, and achievement

Let’s Talk About Program Format Options

  • Summer camp (3-5 days) residential and non-residential
  • In-school classroom takeovers
  • Workshop
  • Full-day or half-day conference
  • Multi-day conference

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