Marlon Lizama

Marlon Lizama

“Give Me A Blank Piece of Paper and I’ll Create A Universe.”

Poet & Creative Expression Specialist

Marlon Lizama is a Poet/artist who focuses on the cultural aspect of writing and the arts. Coming to the United States at the age of 9, he discovered himself in the sub-cultural called Hip Hop. Joining a group that quickly became world-renowned through competition, theater, workshops, and cultural exchange programs, Havikoro represented a group of young dancers, poets, and artists that put Houston on the world culture map.

Marlon has been to over 40 countries through competitions, performances, poetry shows, and through working with the State Department. He is currently being supported by St. Paul’s Methodist through an artist-in-residence program in Houston, TX where he is currently creating a writing program that works with youth from all over the city. Youth groups include Sharpstown High School, incarcerated youth, St. Paul’s spiritual youth group, and the Houston Probation Department. The goal of the program is to create writers and published young authors.

Marlon Lizama


  • Poetry
  • Creative Writing
  • Breakdancing/Movement Workshops
  • Hip Hop History
  • Storytelling
  • Creative Expression

9.9 Out of 10 Audience Rating


I have worked alongside Marlon for over seven years. His artistic and charismatic approach to telling his life story and teaching our kids has made him an invaluable asset in my classroom. The empowerment that he cultivates within our kids that THEIR stories can be as powerful and worthy listening to is inspiring to me. The gift of gab when it comes to being vulnerable and wanting others to hear comes easily to Marlon and he passes it on to our kids in ways that I cannot.

Carlos Quintero, CAA Athletic Coordinator/Spanish, Sharpstown High School
Carlos Quintero, CAA

A very inspiring charismatic soul. A person that continuously uplifts, with truth, humility and honor. The inspirational words and actions that dance and navigate through the corridors of our imaginative minds. Marlon will capture the masses if given the opportunity? He is living proof of Against all odds and assumptions.
We need more of this in the World. Thank you for all you continue to do Marlon.

Hermain Ambriz FreeLance Artist, Youth Advocate, Educator, Translator. One Day At A Time underserved youth Non Profit organization.
Hermain Ambriz
Marlon Lizama

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