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Natasha Carrizosa

“You’ve got to get heavy, if you want be the light.”

Poet, Writer & Dreamcatcher

Natasha Carrizosa is a teacher, poet, writer, author, MC – master of ceremonies, keynote speaker, facilitator, and spoken word artist. She amazes her audience as she speaks about the beauty and appreciation of the diversity that lives within us all.

She is the daughter of an African-American mother and Mexican immigrant father. Her book, Crown is all about being your authentic self, overcoming adversity, mindfulness, and self-care, spirituality, motherhood, teenage life, gratitude, hopes & dreams, and growing up different (roots) from bullying to self-actualization (crown).

Her love for the arts inspired the creation of Natty Roots & Rhyme, one of the most dynamic poetry open mics in the country.

Natasha Carrizosa | CoolSpeak


Natasha speaks on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Spoken Word Poetry
  • Writing Workshops
  • Self Expression
  • Diversity
  • Empowerment

9.8 out of 10 Audience Rating


Natty is an amazing and inspiring speaker that captivates her audience with vulnerability and authenticity. She ignites a fire in the souls of everyone she comes in contact with! I admire her dedication to truly connecting with other humans. We will definitely be inviting her back to speak, advise, connect, engage, develop, and grow our staff into leaders of tomorrow!


“Natasha had so many great moments, but the best one was on Thursday when it was perhaps her hardest day emotionally, but it showed that students unconditionally trust her and because of that are able to share very intimate and sometimes traumatic parts of their lives.”


“Beautiful. Empowering, Breath Taking, Emotional, Raw and Genuine”

Natasha Carrizosa | CoolSpeak

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